Poland Racing Enterprises, 2006 Thursday Thunder, Year in Review



2006 began with great optimism in the PRE garages. The entire winter had been consumed in the meticulous construction of a brand new car, Bert, named for my old boss. Bert was the culmination of all that I learned building my previous racecars. No stone was left unturned, no detail overlooked. It was as Bert had been; not very flashy, but thorough and stout.

We were also fortunate to have a loyal group of sponsors - Horizon Solutions, The House of Lights, Sun Architectural, ACH Plumbing and Heating and Atlantic Sportswear. Denise and Warren did a great job finishing the preparations by supplying paint and graphics so that we had a car that looked as good as it was built. The 1991 Honda CRX numbered 25 was ready and Scotty had his game face on. Let’s go racing!

Week one saw the 25 return to its winning ways, moving smartly through the field to take the checkered flag in convincing fashion.

Week two was more difficult. Scott was passing for the lead with one lap to go and David Stone, the fellow he was passing, abruptly turned into him. Scott collected the car and finished third. While Mr. Stone took the checkers as the first finisher, he was disqualified during technical inspection and Scotty was scored with a second place finish.

Controversy was the story of race three. Scott was deemed to have jumped two places on the start of the race and was penalized 2 positions at the conclusion replica rolex watches of the race. While he would cross the finish line first, his indiscretions scored him third. Jumping the start is not uncommon but the track chose to enforce the rule at that time. Their message was clear, this will not be easy.

Race four was the start of what could have been a season long rivalry. Scott had completed the pass for the lead around the 29 of Chris Peters when Mr. Peters got into the back of Bert and put him right sideways. It is a bad thing when you normally see the back of the car, but now you see the side of the car. Scott was brilliant. He stood on the gas, got air off the sand banking and without ever taking his foot off the throttle, returned to the fray in third and finished the race in second.

Although the 29 would carry the checkered flag as the first finisher and apologize for getting into the back of Bert, Mr. Peters’ celebration was short lived as his car was found to be out of conformance and he was stripped of the victory and points. The win was awarded to Scott and this Lange Datograph would effectively end any chance that Mr. Peters would have for the championship.

Week 5, the shoe fell to the other foot and someone else would go for a ride. There was a late restart with the 29 outside of the 25. As they barreled into turn 2, contact was made. The 29 was turned around and hit by another car. The ruling was that it was his Scott’s fault and he was sent to the back. While Scotty raced to finish 3rd, the 29 team was not happy and made it clear. I think it was just a racing thing, two drivers battling as hard as they can.

Once again, a rules violation by another competitor vaulted Scotty into second place and with that finish he now had a commanding 30 point lead over his nearest competitor.

Races 6,7 and 8 were displays of Lange Datograph replica watches a dominant car and driver as Scotty drove Bert to consecutive victories. With 8 out 10 races complete, Scott had scored 392 of a possible 400 points with 5 victories and a finish no worse than third. With a 62 point cushion and only 50 points available, race 9 could wrap up the season championship.

In race 9, Scott once again started from the back as the point leader and quickly sliced through the field. Chris Peters’ 29 was fast again and leading. Scott made his best effort to get around him, running lap after lap to his outside. As a gentle rain would start to fall, the competitors crossed the finish line with the 29 barely a foot ahead to take the win. Scott’s second place finish would leave him with a 60 point lead and secure the championship for both him and Poland Racing Enterprises.

We thank all those friends and sponsors who made this season possible and for all the support we have enjoyed. We would encourage you to come to the track for the final race this Thursday, August 17th to join us as we celebrate our success. It is autograph night and Scott is looking to eclipse a team record 5 victories in a season set by David Moreau in 2004.

Mat Poland